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Promote a culture of excellence in immigration, financial, legal and compliance

The INTCAS ecosystem has developed the world’s most comprehensive ecosystem to manage and reduce risks associated with attracting, recruiting and managing international students. Streamline the admission and visa decision making process. Our ecosystem protects students, agents and education institutions through the provision of a world class processes and frameworks which address solutions to immigration, legal, financial, operational and academic risks. Integrate our ecosystem into your legacy systems to create a seamless end to end process.

Access and unlock potential across new markets

Unlock the potential across new markets in a cost effective and efficient manner. Work with INTCAS to organise high-impact and rewarding recruitment campaigns, seminars and webinars. Gain access to new markets and communities through a global network of INTCAS centres, promoting your institution's brand through state-of-the-art technology. Serve students, parents and sponsors in an enriched manner using 21st-century processes and cutting-edge technology. Listen to the voice of the market, and delight them through INTCAS!

Connecting the world through a single admission system

The INTCAS ecosystem is an independent platform that unites the global education sector through a single, powerful system that enables education institutions from around the world to work with host governments, agents and students in a collaborative manner to manage the entire admission process from enquiry through to application, visa management and enrolment. INTCAS aims to promote a culture of excellence and self-regulation to develop a more transparent, fairer, and tighter approach to facilitating the mobility of qualified international students in a safe and compliant manner.

Work with host governments to streamline the visa application and decision making process

The INTCAS ecosystem incorporates world-class technology and a global network of hubs which assists the global education sector to work in unison with host governments and visa authorities to streamline and improve the visa application and decision-making process. Strengthen the relationship between immigration authorities and the education sector to manage student mobility by promoting world-class financial, legal and compliance processes.

Be recognised as an exceptional advisor

Join now and allow INTCAS to facilitate relationships for you around the world. Search a global network of education institutions to place the correct student, on the correct course within the correct institution. Gain quality student leads from millions of students around the world searching for advice. Complete one application form and submit to any institution within the INTCAS ecosystem. Track and monitor progress through a single system using your phone, tablet or PC.

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