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Benefits of INTCAS centre

INTCAS provides a set of services that strengthens an agent’s existing infrastructure and provides a more compelling offer for potential students. Whilst there is a huge range of benefits, we feel that the following list outlines the principal reasons for agents to become an INTCAS centre and to enjoy the rewards of our ecosystem.

INTCAS provides far-reaching benefits for agents that wish to become a part of our global community. This includes:

  1. INTCAS centre keeps 100% of the commission.
  2. Receive new student leads from a global base of students requesting representation.
  3. Commission is guaranteed and will be released immediately in line with the terms between the education institution and the INTCAS centre.
  4. INTCAS centres are not exposed to delays in refunds. Hassle-free refunds!
  5. Endorsed INTCAS centres can access a large and growing list of education institutions from universities, colleges, language schools and independent schools across the world.
  6. Endorsed INTCAS centres will be supported by INTCAS to ensure they continue to improve and unearth new business opportunities.
  7. Endorsed INTCAS centres will be able to embark on a capacity development programme which allows centres to develop a world-class network of career counsellors.
  8. Networking and knowledge seminar events will be hosted by INTCAS to enable endorsed INTCAS centres to meet various professionals, institutions and government agencies to unlock new opportunities.
  9. Endorsed INTCAS centres will be safeguarded against financial risks.
  10. INTCAS centres are able to enhance their reputation as a kitemarked centre.
  11. Be recognised by government institutions from across the world.
  12. INTCAS centres can work with INTCAS to create new revenue generating opportunities.

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