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Capacity Building Programme

INTCAS has developed a unique capacity building programme which reflects our corporate values to work with all our INTCAS centres to develop the skills and competencies required to become highly proficient and adept in serving the global education market. This blended programme has been developed by a wide array of professionals across 32 industries to develop a curriculum which allows INTCAS to work with its centres across the world to develop and cultivate a community of career counsellors that understand the industry in which they are serving.

Our capacity building programme has been developed to target to 2 levels within the INTCAS centre (A) Career Counsellor and (B) Executive. Each course is a collection of mandatory and elective modules which are assigned in collaboration with our Quality & Support team. Career Counsellors are expected to undertake a range of modules using our digital platform. This is supported by in-country delivery through our network of hubs. Our qualification is recognised across the world and allows career counsellors to attain an internally recognised qualification.

Our executive programme is a series of webinars and in-country knowledge seminars which allow executives to remain abreast with the global trends and opportunities in the international education market. They are undertaken by our professionals and ensure executives are able to remain informed with movements and changes in the industry. At INTCAS we understand the role of the executive and have developed a series of activities that enriches productivity and ensures the long-term success of the centre.

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