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Centres vs. Agents

At INTCAS we are developing the largest community of regulated agents across the world. Our community spans 67 countries and works collaboratively with INTCAS to ensure delivery of a quality service. INTCAS centres gain immediate access to a growing network of education institutions across the world. As an INTCAS centre the moment you become kitemarked you have the right to form relationships and submit student applications to any education institution.

Becoming an INTCAS centre is vastly different to being an agent. Our approach is much, much deeper! We recognise INTCAS centres as a strategic partner who works with our education institutions and governments to drive success, eliminate success and ensure students gain a rich experience.

INTCAS centre and the philosophy which underpins this community is unlike organisations across the world which simply link agents to education institutions. We are multi-dimensional company and are able to work with each of centres across the world to help them grow and explore new opportunities to serve the global education market.

We understand that quality agents and quality institutions across the world need to be isolated and allowed to work collaboratively, using our ecosystem to mitigate risks and develop long-term sustainable relationships. Collaboratively INTCAS centres recognise that the global landscape for attracting, recruiting and managing international students requires a joined up approach. Our global community of INTCAS centres means you are part of a large family which is instantly recognised for professionalism, ethics and intent on serving the global education market and helping the governments to drive down risks.

This philosophy means INTCAS will support you at each stage of your development ensuring success. As a centre, you benefit from all the contemporary technology, business opportunities, training and quality reviews. We boast a large team of quality professionals who enjoy visiting our centres across the world to drive quality standards and ensure the INTCAS family is all in sync. Education institutions and government institutions across the world respect this rigour and our global footprint means we are able to provide a much richer experience for students, education and government institutions.

INTCAS centres reflect our belief that agents are no longer middlemen or intermediaries but a professional body that wants to be distinguished. INTCAS centres range from large corporations to a single man attracting, advising and presenting students to our network of institutions. At each stage, INTCAS will present new opportunities to add value to the global education market. The foundations of INTCAS centres stems from the need to serve students and the global education market. If you aspire to become a professional in this industry and become part of a global movement then INTCAS is very keen to learn more about you.

For more information why not send us an email on or if you would like to register then please click this link Register as an INTCAS centre.