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Registered vs. Endorsed INTCAS centres

Agents across the world can register their interest to become a registered INTCAS centre. INTCAS methodology has a three stage process a) registered b) endorsed and c) elite. This journey means our INTCAS centres are able to differentiate themselves in the market.

By registering with INTCAS, a dedicated team from our Quality & Support team will manage your application and work with you to undertake an assessment. Our Quality Inspectors will evaluate your application and, upon approval, will register you and provide you with access to our INTCAS ecosystem.

Progressing from Registered to Endorsed means an independent team of specialists have assessed your performance and have concluded how you can strategically position yourself to add economic and social value to the global education market. This journey is more than simply submitting applications and receiving a commission for your payments. It entails a rigorous set of on-site workshops, a capacity building programme, knowledge transfer and access to new opportunities to help and support you in areas which INTCAS considers is essential. It allows a two-way collaborative relationship; remember INTCAS centres are strategic partners hence there will be times where feedback may not be sweet but is in the best interest of your agency.

Endorsed INTCAS centres receive a much greater level of traction from institutions. This is a reflection of the value placed by education institutions on the work undertaken by the INTCAS Quality & Support team. Each endorsed INTCAS centre is provided with a rating. This is a sophisticated and complex algorithm which builds a holistic picture of a centre’s capability and track record. As INTCAS centres progress closer to the coveted AAA-rating (or elite) they will receive greater rewards in recognition of their pre-eminence. This includes receiving preferential commission rates, the release of commission early in the student lifecycle (i.e. once the visa is granted) and access to the transnational education strategic partnership.

It is important to note that INTCAS centres come in all shapes and forms. This includes large, medium and small organisation; profit and non-profit making entities. INTCAS centres can consist of multiple offices across a country or continents and may also consist of a single body operating from their small office or residence. The common theme which underpins the INTCAS centre philosophy is an uncompromised belief to serve students, education institution and governments in a professional and ethical manner. This is reflected in the acceptance of the INTCAS charter which is a collection of 5 pillars which binds the global community together.

To learn more about being an INTCAS centre why not send us an email on or click here to register as an INTCAS centre Register as an INTCAS centre