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At INTCAS we are always looking to attract exceptional people. Diversity for us is not about a demographic type but rather about the ability to perform in different situations. Our work environment aims to form a constructive, intrapreneurial and productive workplace. We firmly believe in establishing a culture of learning and look for every opportunity to foster our people’s development through regular feedback, coaching and learning sessions both on an individual and group level. We seek to ensure consistency with our stated core values in every situation and we seek to structure relationships with each other and with our stakeholders.

Employee Values

Our A6 values have been designed and are owned by Team INTCAS. Our employees are empowered to create their own identity to develop a High Performing Team. Our aspirations to be recognised globally for our excellent service delivery are driven by how we recognise ourselves internally as a team. INTCAS believes our A6 values, helps project our organisation-wide values PROTECT. If you are considering a career at INTCAS then do read our Employee Values and ask yourself those deep spiritual questions whether our A6 values chime with what you are seeking from a prosperous and rewarding career.

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How do we mentally tackle a challenge? How do we address the need to become not the biggest but to become the most respected? How do we absorb and believe that we aspire to become a solution provider to the global education market? Our attitude defines our mental approach to developing solutions, to work collaboratively and have a belief that we are here to serve the world and make it a better place!


Think big or go home! At INTCAS we like dreamers! We like individuals who believe boiling the ocean is possible! Who look at a glass half full and have the desire to fill it up! We want to attract individuals that have the passion for shaping and building a global enterprise for serving the education world!


We spend a lot of time in each other’s company! We must have fun! You must enjoy working with each other but more importantly, respect each other’s differences whilst celebrating our similarities. When colleagues from different nations come together we are able to create lasting memories and an environment where you are constantly pushed to perfect yourself and strive to become a better professional. You are not just an individual, you are part of the team. Your smile, your acknowledgement of others, your public endorsement of your colleague and your private discussions where you provide constructive feedback with all count – whether you are an executive or an analyst!

Attention to Detail

No stone is left unturned as we constantly review all operations with a fine tooth comb. We execute with diligence and attention to detail ensuring every business process is measurable, accounted for and adds value to our performance. We do not cut corners and we strive for perfection! We know it’s not always possible but there is no harm in trying.


We expect to be in the zone! We are a learning organisation which means a belief to constantly push ourselves to achieve new heights. We want to build careers and enriching our faculties. We want to look back and reflect on our efforts and praise ourselves for at least trying.


Content is key but we will not present anything which does not have a seal of the INTCAS quality. We want to be proud of the high standards. We are consummate professionals and want our customers and suppliers to be in awe of what we believe in both physically and spiritually.

Ethics Entrepreneurial Energise Edge Efficiency Execute