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INTCAS has created INTCAS United, our Corporate Social Responsibility arm that promotes a fairer and more prosperous society through education. At INTCAS we encourage all stakeholders to contribute towards our community campaigns.

INTCAS United is governed by our Community Development Committee who oversees a stream of projects that aim to promote our role as global citizens. We will also give students the opportunity to make a small donation to the INTCAS United Fund, which will be used to drive our corporate and social responsibility agenda. Our objectives are to work with established partners to promote and elevate the importance of education in developing a fairer, equitable and tolerant global community.

Our current projects include:

Life Changing Programme

Our Life Changing Programme aims to sponsor a range of postgraduate students from across the world to study in an appropriate education institution within the INTCAS ecosystem. Students from underprivileged backgrounds will apply to chosen institutions. The chosen students will embark on postgraduate qualifications and will be mentored by INTCAS senior executives who will provide work experience in leading business environments. The programme enables the sponsored students to gain a depth of skills in a short space of time that will elevate their career prospects when they return to their home countries.

Bursary Programme

INTCAS aims to make an impact in the communities in which it operates. Our Bursary Programme aims to sponsor undergraduate students. The Bursary Programme is more than financial support as we provide mentoring schemes, internships and career advisory to increase the prospect of our selected students.

Collaborative Research Centre

INTCAS funds applied research campaigns with education bodies across the world. The objective is to continue developing cutting-edge research which helps and drive the efficient mobility of international students that can lead to continuous economic, social and political reforms across the world. Our objective is to provide and support much-needed finance to allow like-minded research bodies to design, implement and promote world-class research that addresses contemporary issues facing the global education sector.

To learn more why not send us an email on or call our corporate office on 0207 489 2043.