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INTCAS is a revolutionary new institution with a far-reaching and dynamic offering which unites the global education sector. Our vision is to connect the world through education. This is underpinned by our technology named INTCAS ecosystem which provides an independent platform allowing numerous stakeholders including students, agents, education institutions and governments to use a powerful cloud-based system to attract, recruit and manage all affairs relating to international students. The INTCAS ecosystem galvanises a global industry by mitigating uncertainty for genuine students by addressing academic, financial, legal and immigration risks.

The INTCAS ecosystem promotes a blend of 21st century contemporary processes alongside established, tested and proven business models from other sectors to build an all-encompassing platform for attracting, recruiting and managing the affairs of the best and brightest students from across the world who wish to pursue their studies abroad.

The process of a student leaving country “A” wishing to study at an institution in country “B” contains numerous risks which need to be addressed if the global education sector is to unite and present a clear and consistent message to respective governments that legal, financial and immigration risks are being addressed through a robust set of processes, policies and systems.

INTCAS aims to safeguard global education sector by taking the pain away from institutions, agents, students and the government through a set of technology systems and support infrastructure which protects individual needs. The INTCAS ecosystem can process student admissions efficiently, streamline visa applications, provide a fee protection scheme and eliminate fraud. The ecosystem also ensures best practice is adhered to and intelligence is shared whilst also promoting an exceptional student experience.

It allows the development of a self-regulating industry which is tighter, firmer yet flexible to allow the best education institutions to work with the most prominent agents to attract, recruit and manage international students in a safe and compliant manner that addresses the needs of the government.