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Measuring our Success

Our purpose as an organisation is to connect the world through education. This means we work tirelessly to design, develop and introduce innovative solutions to complex issues which hinder the world from coming together.

The mobility of international students is the largest challenge which we have embraced. We understand that students departing country "A" and aiming to study in country "B" confront over 166 risks. Our job is to eliminate each of these risks or at least control them at a manageable level.

As the world around us becomes even more intricate and interconnected, it is essential that the education market evolves to drive economic, political and social success. Every nation, every city, every town and every community can prosper if it had access to better education.

We have made a concerted effort to be transparent and allow our platform to become a conduit for the world to unite. We invite all education organisations to join us and ensure that the world can gain access to better education. The INTCAS pledge is to drive success in every action and to invite others to join us. We have lots of ideas but not all the answers. Those answers sit with other organisations, associations and institutions whether in the private, public or third sector. With this, we move forward together as a global family promoting a fusion of cultures taking creative ideas and translating them into tangible outputs which add benefit to the world.