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Our Story

INTCAS is a unique institution that has been designed and built using the expertise of some of the world’s major corporations, who have combined to deliver services that enable education institutions to safely recruit and serve international students from across the world.

Our journey began in 2010 where we undertook an exhaustive 3 year applied research campaign spanning 27 countries; interviewing over 1,200 families and students and over 1,100 agents. We also had the pleasure of interviewing over 165 companies across 32 industries allowing us to develop a 360-degree view of how students are attracted, recruited and managed.

This research enabled us to diligently assemble a jigsaw of how high volume regulated markets needed to be driven by underlying operational model which addressed risk at every stage through a concept named Seamless Compliance. It enabled us to introduce best practices using cutting-edge methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma and innovation models based around TRIZ.

Over a 5 year period, we were able to build a comprehensive technology platform whose individual parts have been meticulously assembled and tested in live environments to address the needs of all major and secondary stakeholders across the world.

Today, INTCAS has evolved to become a global platform allowing the entire global industry to reside on a single platform. A single technology environment allows all stakeholders to be carried along a journey addressing risks. From students and agents to education institutions and embassies, everyone benefits. Our services also extend to parents and employers and even landlords. Our system can process over 200 million applications per second providing a global platform.