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Our Values

Our PROTECT values are instrumental to the way we work at INTCAS. They help guide us in all endeavours from forming strategic partnerships with external bodies to increasing memberships of our agents to registering education institutions. We believe in ensuring that there is absolute consistency in terms of the values we advocate and the demonstrable examples of our actions.

INTCAS draws its strength from its human assets. Our team boast a collection of talented people who are passionate about the education industry. We are proud of the partnerships we have established with globally recognised business partners who resonate with our values enabling us to join forces to address deeply ingrained issues impacting the global education sector. This shared passion for skills, knowledge and operational excellence allows us to gain an edge and deliver a service which safeguards the global education sector.

  Value Description
P Passionate It’s the spirit which drives our excitement and enthusiasm to perform at the highest level. It’s that spark that keeps us going when the chips are down or when the solution seems impossible. It’s going that extra mile and digging in deep. It’s a belief that we are here to solve a solution for the global education industry and uplifting the heritage of our great industry which facilitate social and economic prosperity.
R Rigour Every element of the organisation, no matter how big or small, will be executed with precision and attention to detail. We will follow our instinct but will also follow a methodical and analytical approach to all that we undertake to ensure all angles are covered.
O Obligations Accepting our responsibility to society and communities in which we operate and our belief that we wish to make the world a better place through our efforts.
T Trustworthy Honouring the belief that our stakeholders have placed in each and every one of us. Our fundamental conviction that we are entrusted to assist and shape the lives of our international students and the financial welfare of our education institutions.
E Energise Our assets are our people who inspire themselves and those around them. Our energy levels outline our vision and we mobilise and encourage each other to strive for excellence and constantly set the bar higher.
C Continuous Improvement As a learning organisation our commitment to constantly strive for greatness is unwavering. We are committed to hard work and ensuring excellence within ourselves and the education industry we serve. We are relentless in our pursuit of perfection through consistent learning adopting Six Sigma principles.
T Team Work Our success comes from our belief of remaining selfless and giving credit to our colleagues when things go right but quickly accepting responsibility when things go awry. It’s looking through a paradigm that collectively yearns to solve a problem and that our belief in collective achievements is what makes us truly great.