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Who is INTCAS?

INTCAS is a leading player in the international student market with a far-reaching and dynamic service offering that benefits education institutions, agents and individual students. INTCAS is in a unique position to support education institutions from across the world to attract, recruit and manage high-quality international students from all over the world in a manner which address risks at various levels of the student lifecycle.

INTCAS has numerous offices (established as hubs) across the world, forming direct relationships with education institutions, agents, government bodies, corporations and student bodies. This enables education institutions, agents, students and the governments from across the world to interact using a single technology system to adopt a single set of business processes, share market intelligence and best practices from other industries to make the process of recruiting and managing international students firmer, tighter and transparent.

Our hubs across the world are currently managing a global network of agents that are being established as INTCAS Centres. Our agents are more than intermediaries but are kite marked and thus supported to become trusted business partners who mitigate risks through each stage of the student lifecycle and ensure an enriched experience for students and education institutions.

Passionate about education, INTCAS is dedicated to raising standards and ensuring financial and legal security and stability throughout the global education sector. It aims to unite a fragmented industry and restore trust allowing all major stakeholders to unite to facilitate the efficient mobility of international students.