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Benefits of INTCAS ecosystem

At INTCAS we understand that many of our institutions vary in nature. Some are very mature and have established a track record spanning many decades whilst others are at an embryonic stage. Wherever you pinpoint yourself, INTCAS has a solution for you.

INTCAS provides a set of products and services which strengthens your existing infrastructure which makes you more compliant and attractive to students, agents and your visa authorities. Whilst the benefits of INTCAS lead to a lengthier discussion we feel the following distilled list outline major benefits for education institutions to become INTCAS Promoted and enjoy the fruits of our ecosystem.

The INTCAS ecosystem provides benefits to all stakeholders inside your education institution. Whether you are a 16th century globally ranked university or a modern college or small language centre INTCAS provides products and services to every type of institution. Below you can find some of the benefits for education institutions who choose to work with INTCAS to deliver greater value from their international student recruitment and management endeavours:

Student Recruitment & Admission show text

Student Experience show text

Compliance show text

Academic Quality show text

Accommodation show text

Enrollment show text

Employability show text

Business Development, Marketing & PR show text

Finance show text

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