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Education Institutions Overview

Senior management operating across the public or private sector have the twin challenge of strengthening their underlying financial model that leads to long-term financial sustainability whilst engendering a widening participation agenda which fosters a diverse and distinctive teaching and learning environment. International students enable education institutions to meet both.

As the world continues to interconnect at an alarming rate the learning environment for domestic students who aspire to operate in the global economy, will need to acknowledge the cultural nuances of their peers across many of the emerging and frontier markets. Today’s colleagues in the lecture theatre will become tomorrow’s partners and advocates.

The social and economic bridge formed by international students are compelling. International students add diversity to the learning environment; they bring an international flavour to an institution, they have the opportunity to experience the culture of their host country. International students have the prospect of developing lifelong skills which build confidence and provides them with an edge when returning home to build a career.

This experience begins by successfully attracting and recruiting the right calibre of students which add diversity to the classroom and improves the academic experience for the institution and its domestic learners. Equally, international students need to gain trust that attending a particular institution will fulfil their short and long term aspirations and is a symbol of strength.

At INTCAS, we would like to invite you to become part of our global community of education institutions that are eager to attract and recruit quality students in a manner which uplifts the values of their respective institutions. Our technology platform attracts all major stakeholders to use a single platform. We are attracting education institutions, agents and students from across 67 countries.

We have redefined the role of agents. Our agents across the world are coined as INTCAS centres as we absorb them into our value chain to address opportunities whilst diffusing risk at each stage of the student lifecycle. We carefully assess each INTCAS centre against our own Kite Mark – a rigorous quality assurance process that ensures that they meet our exact standards. As well as an initial assessment, all INTCAS centres are reviewed in-market periodically by our Global Field Inspectors that travel the world undertaking checks and ensuring the INTCAS standards and values are being adhered to.

INTCAS centres are dedicated to working with prospective students to verify qualifications, ensure their financial viability and, subject to an offer of a place, guide them through the visa application process. This is all undertaken in collaboration with INTCAS and global infrastructure.

Education Institutions that choose to become a part of INTCAS can benefit from a world-class technology platform, an operational infrastructure which addresses all major risks when recruiting international students and an immediate access to a global distribution network which takes years of effort to build and maintain.

To learn more why not send us an email on or call our corporate office on 0207 489 2043.