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English Language Schools

English Language Schools play a pivotal role in not only providing language services to the world but also supporting other sectors as a feeder for student recruitment and progression. A number of English Language Schools are rightly recognised as pioneers in designing and maintaining compliance processes. As the sector continues to change the world, the key challenge is to build on its value proposition by offering a stronger set of processes relating to admission, visa and student experience.

With INTCAS, students will have their academic and financial affairs screened at the source. Working with our network of INTCAS centres, you’ll be able to promote and build your brand through professional, proven and ethical practices underpinned by compliance-related processes that convey trust. As an institution, you’ll significantly reduce the cost of acquiring students using some of our advanced tools and systems to engage students across different countries and communities across the world.

Being accredited as an INTCAS Promoted institution is a simple and straightforward process. We have received positive feedback from many institutions that the joining process is collaborative and consultative and sets the tone for a long-term strategic partnership. We will assign a dedicated team to manage your account from the moment you choose to join INTCAS. This team will continue through on-boarding and on-going support ensuring INTCAS is delivering economic and academic value to your international strategy. We also aim to develop intelligence literature which will be shared to assist in developing tactical plans which can be fed into your annual academic strategy.

Once accredited, INTCAS Promoted institutions may choose to engage our INTCAS Advisory Services team in undertaking discreet projects which lead to improvements in the underlying operations.

Once you have completed training, you will gain access to our world-class platform where you can use some of the world’s leading tools for campaign management and student recruitment and brand building. Our Application Engine is powered by a world-class Common Application Framework which allows students to complete a single application form which is distributed to multiple countries and institutions simultaneously. The Application Engine manages all admission, financial, immigration and compliance processes across multiple jurisdictions in a safe and compliance manner.

Working with our existing Agents and Systems?

Under the INTCAS ecosystem, English Language Schools can continue working with their existing recruitment infrastructure (which includes agents and systems) and can simply channel approved students through INTCAS ecosystem. You can select which modules you would like to integrate with your existing systems. For instance, some English Language Schools choose to adopt our escrow to strengthen their financial processes but also help embassies to streamline visa processing and students to gain a Fee Protection Scheme.

We understand that for some schools, international student recruitment is a nascent activity and there may be little infrastructure or resource to dedicate towards INTCAS accreditation. As a result, we’ve developed a far-reaching INTCAS Advisory Service designed to meet the requirements of accreditation quickly and efficiently. English Language Schools can also take benefit from our Operation Centre of Excellence to use discreet outsourcing services to reduce operational costs whilst increasing value to the student.

To learn more why not send us an email on or call our corporate office on 0207 489 2043