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How it works?

Working with us means access to our INTCAS ecosystem which enables education institutions to enter our universe. We provide both technology and non-technology products and services to ensure your international student recruitment and management is world-class.

From a technology perspective, the INTCAS ecosystem allows all major stakeholders to work in unison through each stage of the student lifecycle to ensure students, agents, institutions and the host country government’s interests are protected. We achieve this by delivering a range of cutting edge products and services which collectively ensure that risk is minimised and uncertainty is eliminated.

Our technology is powered by some of the world’s most established and recognised technology solutions. We have a global network of companies, some of which are leaders in the global technology market that are collaborating with INTCAS to deliver a truly global solution. Our innovation team ensures we constantly develop new cutting edge tools to drive down defects, improve quality and allow a much improved and richer experience for all users. For instance, our proprietary Common Application Framework has been designed to solve a global solution allowing students from across the world to complete a single application form capturing all essential information (early) to assist major stakeholders down the student lifecycle.

Moreover, the common application allows students to apply to multiple institutions across multiple jurisdictions modelling and tracking all admission, immigration, financial and compliance matters. Our Due Diligence Engine provides state of the art security processes to ensure students, parents or sponsors are vetted against established security procedures. Our Application Engine provides a range of solutions to ensure each student’s application progresses along a disciplined path which ensures education institutions remain compliant with local regulations but also ensuring students, agents and embassies are all accessing a single system to promote transparency and a smooth and enriched user experience. Our world class escrow facility is the only facility in the world which provides multiple benefits to students, institutions, agents and embassies across the world. We have diligently designed, planned and developed a system which benefits all stakeholders.

From a non-technology perspective, INTCAS is developing the world’s largest network of regulated agents which are subscribing to our kitemark. Based across 67 countries our quality agents continue to provide value to each stage of the student lifecycle.

Whilst some education institutions subscribe to the strategy of more direct recruitment of students to drive down the cost of student acquisition; INTCAS believes this strategy is more applicable across low-risk jurisdictions or where student’s knowledge of the student recruitment process is sophisticated.

Emerging and frontier markets across the world pose a significant risk which can be mitigated through the use of our INTCAS centres.

All our agents have coined INTCAS centres as we consider them to be strategic partners and are absorbed into the value chain ensuring our philosophy of seamless compliance is uplifted. Institutions gain access to a global network of INTCAS centres and can continue to work with their existing agents who can be channelled through our ecosystem.

INTCAS also has offices across the world (commonly referred to as INTCAS HUBS). Our hubs allow education institutions to gain access to local resources within each country to understand at a deeper level market forces and trends at a local level. Relationships can be extended to organise in-country seminars allowing our hubs to coordinate all local INTCAS centres and students.

Our Operational Centre of Excellence (or OPCOE) is a range of operational centres designed to assist the student, INTCAS centres, education institutions and governments across different stages of the student lifecycle. Our Market Support Centre provides world class customer service. Our Student Management Centre provides a range of services for students and agents to utilise the services of professional colleagues that can advise at critical stages of the student lifecycle such completing visa application forms. Student Management Centre resources can also work with education institutions to ensure post-enrolment compliance processes is being adhered to.

To learn more why not send us an email on or call our corporate office on 0207 489 2043.