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Independent Colleges

Private providers continue to present alternative options to students across the world. A competitive landscape and subject to strict regulations independent colleges need to work harder to differentiate themselves. That said, independent colleges benefit from a much leaner approach to delivering education to its student base.

Across the world, the independent college sector continues to witness sweeping changes and is responding favourably by providing an enriched student experience. INTCAS concludes that the independent college market is a worthy partner for many universities and colleges to form strategic partnerships.

Many independent colleges have shown initiative by offering further and higher education courses to international students through public-private partnerships. These partnerships provide multiple benefits and allowing public institutions to enjoy branch campuses in alternative metropolitan locations and to leverage an existing agency network managed by the private institution and benefit from robust compliance processes which independent colleges have established over years of delivery. The key benefit for the student is the opportunity to study for a degree at a university at a much-reduced cost.

Working with INTCAS provides an efficient and effective solution to maximising new opportunities. We have a global network of agents (set up as INTCAS centres) that are vetted by our Quality & Support team. Our Field Inspectors travel across the world ensuring INTCAS centres adhere to and maintain the highest quality of standards in advice to students, families or sponsors. Our quality control means we are able to diffuse risks early in the student lifecycle but also mitigate any risks which may surface once the student enrols.

Working with INTCAS means you can identify new markets which currently do not feature in your international strategy. Conversely, for those independent colleges that are new to international student recruitment, INTCAS provides a safe and compliant and step by step approach to designing, launching and recruiting international students.

For both private and public institutions, the key challenge is to develop a relationship that mitigates financial, operational and branding risks. Independent Colleges that choose to work with INTCAS will gain access to a world-class infrastructure. Our global network of hubs and agents and our technology platform provides immediate access to an infrastructure which positions you to attract a much wider community of students in a professional and ethical manner.

With INTCAS, students attracted through the INTCAS ecosystem will have their academic and financial affairs screened at the source. Working with our network of vetted agents known as INTCAS centres, you’ll be able to promote and build your institution's brand which is underpinned by compliance-related processes that convey trust. As an institution, you’ll significantly reduce the cost of acquiring students as our vetted agents will recruit learners on your behalf.

To learn more why not send us an email on or call our corporate office on 0207 489 2043.