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Independent Schools

The independent schools sector remains a key growth area for international student recruitment. Many independent schools will be able to capitalise on the opportunities now available by attracting the best and brightest students from across the world to benefit from the very highest quality of education.

An increasing number of emerging economies currently undergoing rapid political, technological, social and economic reforms are generating a rise in interest among their middle-class families (in addition to high-income families) who wish to benefit from our renowned independent education system. The improved link-up between independent schools and universities provided within INTCAS delivers a sound progression path for international students to advance into universities.

Working with INTCAS provides an efficient and effective solution to maximising new opportunities. We have a global network of agents (set up as INTCAS centres) that are vetted by our Quality & Support team. Our Field Inspectors travel across the world ensuring INTCAS centres adhere to and maintain the highest quality of standards in advice to students, families or sponsors. Our quality control means we are able to diffuse risks early in the student lifecycle but also mitigate any risks which may surface once the student enrols.

Working with INTCAS means you can identify new markets which currently do not feature in your international strategy. Conversely, for those independent schools that are new to international student recruitment, INTCAS provides a safe and compliant and step by step approach to designing, launching and recruiting international students.

INTCAS has been designed to help students and agents across the world to make informed decisions as to which institution is recognised as robust and safe. Our multi-dimensional approach means we are able to represent and encourage students across the world to enrol at institutions which are not only recognised as exceptional academic institutions but are also safe and compliant.

To learn more why not send us an email on or call our corporate office on 0207 489 2043.