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Universities across the world continue to embark on the challenge of attracting the best and brightest students to their institutions. From 2010 to 2013 our global research campaign concluded that 78% of parents interviewed across emerging markets aspired to send their children to universities abroad. Britain and United States led the race closely followed by Canada, Australia and New Zealand. New host nations such as Singapore and Malaysia also surfaced whilst nations such as China and India also had a strong appetite to compete in the battle to attract the best students.

The landscape of the global higher education market has never been so dynamic. Keeping up with the pace of change in policy and government regulations is a steep challenge. Universities are now competing on a global platform. Western European and Scandinavian nations are aggressively pursuing strategies to promote their world-class education infrastructure. Within INTCAS, our Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) have identified a continued trend of opening satellite campuses to maximise new opportunities in the higher education market. UAE, Sri Lanka and Mauritius have continued to expand strategies to attract partnership models to create alternative destinations for students that may not be able to afford to study in traditional host nations or are subjected to strict visa and immigration laws. Countries such as Turkey, Colombia and Brazil have also outlined regional strategies to attract students from neighbouring countries.

Whatever the case, the opportunity to strengthen commercial, social and diplomatic ties through the higher education sector has developed a world of new opportunities. INTCAS has identified over 64 countries whose emerging middle-class market continues to grow. Coupled with a stabilising capital market, social and political reforms and a shift towards consumerism; the emerging markets across the world is developing a growing base of students that aspire to attain world class education.

Working with INTCAS provides an efficient and effective solution to maximising new opportunities. We have a global network of agents (set up as INTCAS centres) that are vetted by our Quality & Support team. Our Field Inspectors travel across the world ensuring INTCAS centres adhere to and maintain the highest quality of standards in advice to students, families or sponsors. Our quality control means we are able to diffuse risks early in the student lifecycle but also mitigate any risks which may surface once the student enrols.

Working with INTCAS means you can identify new markets which currently do not feature in your international strategy. Conversely, for those universities that are new or wish to expand their international student recruitment, INTCAS provides a safe and compliant and step by step approach to designing, launching and recruiting international students.

Universities across the world must adapt to the new changes in the global higher education market. This paradigm shift can be made easier by working with INTCAS. The INTCAS ecosystem presents cutting edge technology, support infrastructure and a growing base of agents that allows universities to attract, recruit and manage international students in a safe and compliant manner. The objective of INTCAS is to work with your university to drive down the cost of student acquisition but to also process applications and the admission process in a streamlined manner which is in line with a new set of standards expected in a competitive global industry.

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