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Our Products

The INTCAS ecosystem is a collection of cloud-based products which can knit together. Our product range is often described as a buffet, allowing institutions to pick and choose combinations to meet their strategy.

As a whole of the market solution, we have a product and service offering which meets the needs of institutions of all sizes. Whether you are a university, an FE college, Language Schools or an Independent School there is a product for you. If your strategy is to attract the top-end of the socio-economic grouping or you wish to attract the middle-class segments within emerging markets there is a product and a method where we can assist.

Our products are designed to facilitate efficient integration with your existing systems. The INTCAS ecosystem has been designed to complement your existing international strategy and not replace it! We understand your institution has invested heavily into technology and infrastructure so if you are considering integrating our platform into your existing set up then there is a method to achieve this in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Our innovation and product management team are constantly designing and launching new products into the INTCAS ecosystem. Learn more about our current product range:

Exploration Cloud

Our Showcase system allows institutions to present and interact directly with the global student community. Students exploring options can be targeted directly through the Exploration Cloud using communities, webinars and services provided by the Campaign Cloud.

Application Cloud

The Application Cloud is powered by Master Application Form (MAF) which allows students to complete a single application form and submit it to multiple institutions within the ecosystem. MAF is powered by generally accepted principles (GAP) which mirror 80% of the common questions / information by every institution and remaining 20% of the information are structured through our intelligent system which includes questions that are course, as well as institution-specific.

Admission Cloud

The Admission Cloud coordinates each student application through the student lifecycle, allowing students, regulated agents, institutions and other relevant stakeholders to oversee the admission process through a single environment.  The Admissions Cloud assists the institution via a central management system which manages the entire admission process. Institutions can issue and manage conditional and unconditional offers for each application and can track student’s responses. INTCAS has created an exhaustive list of conditions based on accepted industry-wide practices and the GAP.

Interview Cloud

Interview prospective students, record the interviews, share with faculty members and also Entry Clearance Officers. The Interview Cloud provides a complete framework, question bank and facility to document and record interviews promoting the INTCAS vision of Responsible Recruitment Practices.

Due Diligence Cloud

Our Know Your Student processes search over 9 billion records from across the world to build a profile of the student and their sponsor. Our proprietary algorithms yield results relating to negative media searches, Politically-Exposed Persons List, and Sanction List searches. The system blocks or warns potentially negative applications which could damage the reputation of the education institution.

Escrow Cloud

Our Escrow Cloud plugs into a global banking infrastructure, we co-ordinate with leading banks across the world and establish an escrow account for each student who resides in mid-to-high risk jurisdictions. The objective is to secure 100% of the first year Tuition Fees and Maintenance Allowance. Tuition Fees and Maintenance Allowance are locked down and evidence is provided from a top 50 prime bank in the world through our ecosystem. The Escrow Cloud streamlines the visa decision-making process whilst also eliminating visa refusals due to financial reasons.

Verification Cloud

Students originating from low-risk jurisdiction will be provided with the option (at the institutions' behest) not to place their fees using the Escrow Cloud, but to provide a digital snapshot of their fees within their existing bank account using our Verification Cloud. Our Verification Cloud currently interacts with over 4,500 major banks across the world allowing students from low-risk jurisdictions to provide a snapshot of fees enabling education institutions and host country embassies to verify funds.