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Overview of INTCAS ecosystem

INTCAS Ecosystem is an integrated technology platform which is powered by cutting-edge cloud-based technology which diligently controls, coordinates and communicates the activities between education institutions, agents, students and government institutions. The system is highly scalable and can be integrated efficiently with most legacy systems which are adopted by education institutions across the world.

The INTCAS ecosystem has been designed to uplift the philosophy of seamless compliance; that every stakeholder across the student lifecycle needs to work in unison to ensure academic, immigration, legal, financial and compliance risks are addressed. Numerous modules have been diligently assembled to ensure the student journey is horizontally integrated and stakeholders at each stage of the student lifecycle have the required level of access and visibility of information to make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

Agents, education institutions and students can communicate under a single environment. INTCAS ecosystem significantly strengthens the compliance of an education institution by ensuring all stakeholders progress each student application in a diligent manner where documents, requirements and information is captured and recorded in a manner which is compliant with government’s immigration policies.

The value of the INTCAS ecosystem is further reinforced by our supported infrastructure which provides world-class customer services and business process outsourcing services to ensure students, agents, institutions and embassies across the world are managed in a customer-friendly manner.

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