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Student Management Centre

Student Centricity is a new cultural paradigm which places the student at the heart of your strategy. International students have become increasingly demanding on what they expect from education institutions once they enrol. The INTCAS ecosystem facilitates an enriched student experience from the point of making an enquiry straight through to enrolment, thereof the challenges become greater.

Our Student Management Centre is a single point of contact to help education institutions to manage the affairs of students once they have enrolled. Our Student Management Centre operates to ensure the student experience remains enriched by being in constant communication using the latest technology using social media and app technology. Students and our professional resources in the Student Management Centre will build a rapport to ensure all matters relating to assignment delivery, student attendance and assistance on auxiliary matters are addressed in a timely manner.

A part of the student management process means education institutions are able to address compliance matters more efficiently. Compliance is now an integral part of attracting, recruiting and then managing international students in a safe manner. There is a paradigm shift of integrating compliance processes throughout every stage of the student lifecycle.

The global education sector needs to align itself to the challenges that surface when a student from country “A” arrives to study in country “B”. Our Student Management Centre provides a range of support services ensuring education institutions are able to address risks associated with student attendance. This would mean engaging the student or sponsor to ensure compliance matters are addressed in a timely manner.

INTCAS may also use the services of its hubs to address major risks associated with centres and students. Seamless Compliance means every element of the student support processes are interlinked to ensure the education institution is not exposed to unnecessary risks. Education institutions fundamentally need to focus on their core competency of delivering an exceptional learner environment.

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