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Verification Support Centre

Our Verification Support Centre is a dedicated environment designed to allow education institutions to understand more about the student. Education institutions receiving applications need to adopt and embrace a new generation of due diligence checks to promote a new paradigm of responsible recruitment practices. The challenge of visa refusals has now become a KPI impacting the decision making process of many education institutions.

Education institutions can contact our dedicated personnel, housed in our on-shore Verification Support Centre to discuss (in-depth) matters relating to the student and their application. The objective is to provide greater intelligence and ensure decisions relating to a student’s application can be justified from all angles.

The Due Diligence Engine within the INTCAS ecosystem has proprietary algorithms to undertake in-depth checks using established and sophisticated security processes from across the world. Our Verification Support Centre is established in each jurisdiction and allows key stakeholders to gain clearance on key security and financial matters which demonstrates a new paradigm of responsible recruitment. Our commitment to Lean Six Sigma principles helps streamline the admission stage and also helps simplify the visa processing stage.

To learn more why not send us an email on or call our corporate office on 0207 489 2043.