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Visa Support Centre

Our Visa Support Centre (VSC) is a dedicated centre which completes and supports students through the student’s Visa Application Form ensuring a defect free submission. It takes the pain away from education institutions ensuring a world class team of professionals are guiding and supporting the student through the complexity of the visa application process providing updates to the education institution at each critical stage of the process. Our VSC joins the dots between institutions issuing visa documents to students submitting their visa applications, receiving a visa and preparing for enrollment.

Students, families and sponsors across the world continue to remain frustrated by the lack of clarity and the arduous process of completing, submitting and tracking their visa applications. INTCAS is also aware of the growing concerns of government embassies of the lack of preparation and intent as to why students wish to study abroad.

Our Visa Support Centre (VSC) is a centre of excellence which includes some of the brightest and talented minds in the immigration industry ready to support, guide and navigate students through the complexity of the visa application process.

The VSC helps education institutions to remain compliant and ensure visa application forms which are submitted are defect free. This continues to strengthen the compliance of education institutions of all sizes and helps the UK education institutions to build stronger ties with the government.

At INTCAS we understand the blind spots and the disjoint once institutions issue visa documents and the students, subsequently, applying for a visa, updating their status and arriving for enrolment. Our ecosystem has been designed to join the dots and ensures transparency at each stage of the operation.

Education institutions can now rely on a professional team to guide the student and provide updates to the education institution on critical information.