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FE Colleges – New Kid on the Block

Collaborative Research Centre

Article 13

"Finally, there is a rise in popularity of UK Further Education colleges across key regions of the world." This was the statement released by a member of INTCAS Executive Board who recently returned back from a whirlwind tour of Turkey, India, Thailand, China and Brazil where members of the INTCAS Agent Community were presented a unique set of paths offered by UK’s Further Education colleges. Britain proudly boasts exceptional Further Education colleges that offer exceptional vocational and academic courses. As the world witnesses a rise in consumerism as a result in increased middle income families INTCAS Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) has discovered how British FE colleges have an important role to play in offering prospective students a range of vocational and academic courses at affordable prices. This includes both in-country deliveries by forming relationships with a local enterprise which are organised and managed by INTCAS and/or allowing students to visit the UK under a Student Visitor Visa (SVV) or under a Tier 4 sponsorship.

INTCAS CRC discovered how agents remained oblivious to the immense value of FE colleges. Only 11% of a population of 1200 agents that contributed to our research described their knowledge of FE as good. This surprising statistic demonstrated how the FE market needed to spread the FE Gospel and has the potential to add great value to the world. INTCAS identified over 36 countries where vocational training would be an integral component for continued Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Blue chip organisations in the field of Oil & Gas, Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) highlighted the need to have access to a qualified vocational specialist in order to justify continued investment.

Conversely, students across the world could benefit immensely by achieving an undergraduate and postgraduate degree by choosing to study at an FE college and then choosing alternative paths in their final year or semester. CRC discovered how students across South and Central Asia could save up to 40% if they choose to adopt a path to acquire a British degree by attending an FE college.

The FE environment is naturally shaped to welcome and teach international students. FE colleges across the UK devote immense resources to student welfare and pastoral care. Working with vulnerable students has allowed staff across the hierarchy to develop a parental and caring instinct which is a significant requirement to successfully attract and manage international students. FE colleges also operated smaller class sizes enabling international students to gain and develop a deeper and intimate relationship with peers and teaching and support faculties. Furthermore, the relaxed environment of FE colleges enabled international students to embed into life in the UK and integrate into the community.

Titled the "new kid on the block" signifies the growth potential for many FE colleges to benefit from international students to add diversity and a rich supply of finances to the college. This alternative stream of revenue will enable the Senior Management Team to reinvest into capital infrastructure and to continue to supply a rich and valuable student experience.

How can we help?

If you are a mature recruiter of international students or at a very early stage of designing an international function then why not reach out and learn more about INTCAS. Please do email us on or log onto

Who is INTCAS?

INTCAS is an independent body that assists British education institutions to safely and compliantly recruit international students across 67 countries. We have a membership network of 9100 vetted agents and over 847,000 registered students who wish to study in the UK over the next 2 years. Our Ecosystem ONE platform is an integrated finance and admissions platform which efficiently manages the complexity involved when managing affairs between agents, students, government and the education institution.