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INTCAS Centres vs. Agents

New Paradigm of Interm

Have you not learnt from the demise of Kodak or Nokia? You have to evolve to survive or you will become obsolete. It was an interesting debate in a recent workshop organised by INTCAS. A collection of agents had agreed to a hot house where the future of the agency model was discussed in detail. Our growing network of agents who are choosing to join our global community are waking up to the challenge that the agent business model is declining unless their proposition changes.

Research pooled together from across 27 countries to create a picture of what is working well and where matters need improving if agents were to be serious contributors of value when attracting, recruiting and managing international students. 81% of agents across the world felt under-valued and lacked recognition of the true skills they can present to education institutions. 75% of the agents recognised that institutions offering country rights to a single agent proved counterproductive and created empire structures. 61% of agents across the world felt they were able to attract quality students but finding it difficult to place the student in the right course at the right institution.

Recruiting international students is a challenging task and for many year education institutions have felt the need to work with agents to understand and unlock potential across key markets. However, simply asking agents to market and promote your institutional brand ahead of others is fundamentally wrong. History is replete with examples of agents switching student applications to other institutions where higher commission rates were provided. When one institution attracts the services of an agent and competes on the basis of commission rates then we are afraid this instigates a race to the bottom. When commission rates begin at 10% and then slowing spiral upwards as external pressure ensues; this is a clear indication that the balance of power between student, institution and agent is not at equilibrium.

At INTCAS, our global community of agents where each agent is established as INTCAS centre is a reflection of a shift in paradigm. INTCAS centre represents a partnership where each centre is no longer a “middle-man” between an institution and a student. INTCAS centres represent the growing need for agents, career counsellors or career representatives embed themselves throughout every stage of the student lifecycle. The days where post-enrolment issues are shut down by agents as, “....this is not my problem!” does not remain in today’s climate.

The concept of INTCAS centres follows our global research campaign distinguishing high performing agents wishing to become a part of a global self-regulating community. From capacity building programmes, to responsible recruitment practices to post enrolment assistance to trans-national education opportunities INTCAS centres represents the modern face of agents as true recruitment partners.

How we can help?

If you are seeking to complement your existing international recruitment strategy with the use of agents then why not contact us to learn more about our INTCAS centres. Please feel free emailing us on or call our corporate office on 020 7489 2043.