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International Student Experience Redefined

Collaborative Research Centre

Article 12

Jon Yang, a young Indonesian student, receives confirmation of his student visa and is delighted to be heading to Newcastle to pursue his undergraduate course in Chemical Engineering. It suddenly dawns on him that life over the next 3 years is going to be very different from the small suburb in the west of Jakarta where he lived with his parents and two siblings. His agent, who is a member of the INTCAS Agent Community, was extremely helpful providing him with the support and mentorship in making the right decision but now the vision of studying and living in the UK comes to life.

Jon logs on to his Student portal through the Ecosystem platform and since joining INTCAS Village, (our social media community) he was able to discover that there were 4 other students from his home city who were Newcastle bound to pursue their high education. INTCAS enabled them to meet virtually; share opinions, ideas, comment on videos posted by other students and watch information videos to learn more about Newcastle, the British culture and life as a student at his chosen institution. Jon also managed to develop an intricate relationship with past students who provided valuable tips from social life to bus networks and what to expect when they arrived at Newcastle Airport.

Since updating his status in our Ecosystem to "Visa Granted" he received a welcoming email from INTCAS where the Student Experience team were now beginning to ease Jon into life in Newcastle through a menu of services. Essential features included preferential airline ticket rates, pre-populated application forms for setting up a UK Student Bank Account and providing Jon with a time slot and address of the local branch which he had to visit to activate his bank account. Other services included discount store cards, discounts to social events and registration to a mobile network operator. The experience was as easy as 1-2-3!

When Jon's plane arrived at Newcastle Airport a text message was sent to his parents providing them with the comfort that he was in safe hands. He was eased into life in the UK allowing him to benefit and enjoy his studies whilst everything else was managed for him. Over the next 3 years, Jon was constantly supported by INTCAS who provided him with the support and guidance. The Student Operations Centre developed an intricate relationship with Jon and provided support by working closely with the Student Welfare team at the INTCAS Protected Institution. Over the 3 years, Jon was left to enjoy his student experience whilst all the auxiliary matters were managed by INTCAS. It was as if Jon had his own concierge service provided to him by his chosen education institution.

The story of Jon is a typical example which INTCAS has defined as the redefinition of the student experience. British institutions are iconic across the world and the experience for many international students remains exceptional. INTCAS CRC had interviewed over 1200 students of which 65% were considering the UK as their primary destination and the remainder were a mixture of students that were in the midst of or had recently completed their studies. Students agreed that the learning facilities for students in their chosen institution were exceptional but voiced that additional support was required for the small matters like opening bank accounts, organising overweight luggage etc.

INTCAS CRC believes our Concierge Services allows British education institutions to strengthen their value across the world by working with INTCAS. Our Concierge Service allows students to benefit from a large array of services which are available once a student is granted a visa and enrols at their chosen institution. INTCAS works closely with all partner institutions to define the level and type of service which is required and our Student Experience team works passionately to ensure the student’s experience is fruitful and long lasting.

INTCAS is a global institution which assists British Institutions to safely recruit international students from across the world. Our Ecosystem platform provides British education institutions with a single integrated platform to manage relationships with over 9100 vetted agents across 67 countries. Our platform allows students to benefit from our Concierge Services providing access to a world of services which will enable students to acclimatise and settle into the UK and enjoy their time at their chosen institution.

Why not call our Operations Centre or email us or log onto if you would like to learn more about how INTCAS can improve the experience for your students.