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One master application for the world

I am losing the will to live! Juan is a Brazilian student living with his 2 siblings in Boquierao in the western suburbs of Curitiba. It’s a city which symbolises the growth of Brazil. Two decades ago, Juan father Pedros was a market trader operating 3 stalls across the local mercado de frutas. Fast forward the clock 20 years and Pedros now has a small hotel, 2 restaurants and has begun investing in real estate to generate passive income. Our Liaison Officer explains how Pedros is now determined for his son to be educated to a level so the reigns can be passed over to Juan. This is the new middle-class family in Brazil’s new economy; audacious, ambitious and motivated to provide their next generation with a stepping stone.

Juan recently celebrated his third year with his employer a logistics company and has decided to embark on his ambition of completing a postgraduate qualification in management. Whilst his father harbours ambitions that Juan runs the family business Juan is more cautious and wants to re-evaluate the situation once he returns from his overseas studies.

Having finally spent the past 12 weeks reviewing his options across US, Canada, UK, Spain and Australia he finally settled on applying on a group of 12 universities. “Why do I need to complete the 12 application forms?” He seemed frustrated. “Look at the questions.” He pointed antagonistically from one screen to another on his Internet Explorer page. “Look at the questions they are all the same! It is boring me and I am simply cutting and pasting my answers.”

Education institutions have presented their own tailored application form. They have designed a form which meets their own needs and rightly so! But have education institutions ever stopped and reflected on the impact this has on students that commonly apply to multiple institutions? From 2010 to 2015, over 3500 students had been surveyed across 27 countries in which the average student applicant was making 3 separate applications. 61% of the students interviewed concluded that they lost the appetite to apply to the fourth institution where the same information was being requested. It took students between 4 to 16 hours to complete an application form causing frustration as they embarked from one application to another. Juan completed and submits his 3rd application and then decides to call it a night. We hear from our Liaison Officer many weeks on, that he decided not to pursue the other 9 applications.

At INTCAS our Master Application Form is a universal application form which has been designed to power applications across the world. With over 14 separate stakeholders within the institution determined to record information related to the student it is vital that institutions are able to capture vital information at the right time. Equally, our Master Application Form motorised by our Admission Cloud allows institutions to work with INTCAS to introduce an efficient application process enabling students to explore and make applications efficiently across the world.

Our Admission Cloud places student-centricity at the heart of our delivery meaning students can now explore across the ecosystem to search and find appropriate courses and then complete a single application form, submit it to unlimited institutions across the world and use our tracking engine to monitor the progress of each application. The Admission Cloud models the complexity in admission, immigration, financial regulation and government compliance at each stage. With over 85 countries across the world, the immigration logic diligently progresses each application along a conveyor belt ensuring institutions remain compliant whilst students have the benefit of simply completing a single application which is fit-for-purpose for all education institutions.

How we can help?

If you are keen to attract students from a wide network of communities of countries then why not contact our Institution Relations team or email us on INTCAS has experience of working with education institutions across the world providing an independent platform for institutions to showcase themselves to attract, recruit and manage international students in a safe and compliance manner which is in line with host nation regulations. Our INTCAS ecosystem covers all major risks and provides an enriched experience for students, agents, sponsors, employers, embassies and education institutions.