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Seamless Compliance

Since 2010 the UK education market geared towards recruiting international students has witnessed a significant shift towards greater compliance. If compliance can be defined as the state of being in accordance with established guidelines or specifications or the process of becoming so, then the education sector across the UK will continue to be embroiled in a battle to constantly react quickly and efficiently as guidelines or specifications are subject to constant change.

At INTCAS we believe embracing change and exceeding obligations related to compliance means the notion of compliance must be consigned to a subliminal status, where every business process across your institution lives and breathes compliance without it becoming burdensome.

Seamless Compliance exists in heavily regulated industries from retail banking to insurance to telecommunication to healthcare. Compliance happens across the business but it is not onerous or arduous; it is part and parcel of how we do things around here was a quote provided by leading authority within the financial services industry when members of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) interviewed a leading retail bank.

Seamless Compliance occurs when all the dots across the equation are carefully and diligently joined together ensuring no stakeholder, no system or process drops the proverbial baton. At each step your institution’s systems, processes, policies, people, data structures, reports, infrastructure and leadership need to be attuned to manage each of the following risks associated with attracting, recruiting, managing and serving international students.

These risk categories include:

  1. Financial Risks
  2. Legal Risks
  3. Immigration Risks
  4. Operational Risks
  5. People Risks
  6. Cultural Risks
  7. Academic Risks
  8. Marketing Risks

There are over 166 risks associated with attracting, recruiting and managing international students that reside in the above 8 risk categories. For Seamless Compliance to prevail, education institutions need to manage all eight risks categories simultaneously. A focus on 1 risk category and a failure to centre your attention on the remaining 7 will trigger a ripple effect. Conversely, a focus on 7 risk categories and remaining oblivious to 1 of the risk categories could mean the incubation of a set of risks which could surface to cause ruinous consequences. One simply needs to review a proportion of the reasons as to why some education institutions fail their Tier 4 inspections to conclude that a parallel focus on the above 8 risk categories can set the institution towards the coveted rank of achieving Seamless Compliance.

At INTCAS our Collaborative Research Centre has been trying to unpick the challenges facing education institutions in the UK as they shift towards embedding greater compliance processes within their operations. We believe education institution can learn from methodologies such as the Capability Maturity Model where principles of maturity in processes need to be modelled, measured and analysed constantly. To do this, an institution needs to strike the correct balance between technological and non-technological developments and ensuring operational projects are at the heart of mitigating and or managing the above 8 risk categories.

In order to reach a high level of maturity in managing risks each education institution within the UK from the leading Russell Group of Universities, to post 1992 universities to 157 Group of Colleges to alternative providers all need to face up to the challenge that at each stage of recruiting international students the above risks need to be addressed simultaneously. Seamless Compliance needs to be embedded deeply and a mature level of processes need to be achieved which allows institutions to a) deliver their operations in a manner where compliance is being achieved without it being noticed and b) react to external changes efficiently and effectively without causing disruption.

How can we help?

At INTCAS our iRaaS strategy has been designed to promote the correct blend of technology and non-technology products and services which help the education sector to address the challenge of achieving Seamless Compliance. Our pick and mix selection allowfki education institutions of varying size and ranking can enter the INTCAS ecosystem and select products and services which meet their international strategy whilst keeping one eye on the target ensuring a high level of maturity that promotes Seamless Compliance.

If you are keen to discuss the evolution of your compliance processes and learn how our philosophy iRaaS can add value to your international delivery then why not send us an email on or call our corporate office on 020 7489 2043.