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Branch campuses and flying faculties

At INTCAS we understand the need for education institutions to develop a multi-dimensional, multi-tiered international strategy. Whether you are a mature or embryonic player in the international education market; the need to have a comprehensive strategy and roadmap is a must! At INTCAS our Market Development team can work with you to explore new opportunities using our growing network of hubs across the world. As INTCAS opens new offices our local team of professionals will work with you to unlock opportunities and potential in the local market. Our hubs have the twin aim of governing and supporting our network of INTCAS centres locally in each country or region and also establishing our hub as a branch centre to drive efficiency in the flying faculty model.

At INTCAS working with our education institutions means we are able to work collaboratively to unlock new opportunities. Our global pools of professionals are able to feed market intelligence to allow you to unearth new opportunities relating to off-shore delivery. Our Flying Faculty model means we are able to establish our hubs across the world into branch centres. From this end, our local resources can provide and manage all the requisite logistic, administrative and financial processes which also includes providing pastoral care to local students whilst your academic staff will be working with our staff within each branch centre to “fly in and out” to deliver the course in blocks!

INTCAS has shaped its strategy to build greater links between local education institutions that are also INTCAS promoted and our INTCAS centre to manage students locally. As the world continues to become more interconnected, INTCAS promises to work collaboratively with you to identify and present new education opportunities.

To discuss our transnational education strategies in more detail then why not send us an email on or call our corporate office on 020 7489 2043.