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Click & Brick

At INTCAS our growing presence across the world allows our hubs to constantly re-define to serve the global education market. Our Click & Brick service allows education institutions to work with our local resources to deliver transnational education through a blended model. Our hubs can work with our local INTCAS centres to source students locally to deliver a blended provision.

Our Click & Brick model allows the on-line provision to be blended with periodic in-country seminars. Our hubs locally manage all logistics and administration duties, student support and pastoral care. Students completing a part of the online provision have the choice of completing their course with the existing education institution or to apply to other institutions within the INTCAS ecosystem. All attendance, progress and feedback are managed within the ecosystem providing education institutions with a rich degree of feedback.

If you would like to discuss our click and brick model or to understand more about our transnational education model then why not send us an email on or call our corporate office on 020 7489 2043.