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ROI Metrics via INTCAS

Posted on 05th June 2017

INTCAS ("INTelligent Communities Around Students") directly addresses one of the most perplexing challenges in the industry: How to effectively measure Return on Investment in international student recruitment, in order to minimize the cost to acquire qualified students.

"Now more than ever, colleagues recognize the need to articulate a clear and compelling narrative around International Enrollment Management," explained Cheryl DarrupBoychuck, Director of Institutional Relations at INTCAS US. "We fully understand all of the variables thrown into the mix -- both quantitative and qualitative. We've done the research, guided (in part) by years of experience with the United Kingdom's tighter visa policies. Ultimately, we built a robust platform that helps education institutions attract, recruit, and manage bona fide international students from around the world in a safe, compliant and cost-efficient manner -- always with an eye on your ROI."

INTCAS' intelligent and forward-thinking ecosystem considers the entire journey of genuine international students over time, to boost trust and transparency for all stakeholders throughout the process.


 1. Institutional cost per student acquisition ranges from about $300 to $1,100.

An education institution may establish a showcase within INTCAS to promote, connect and manage its interaction with broader INTCAS communities, such as students, parents, wealth managers and international boarding schools around the world. This "Exploration Cloud" is part of INTCAS' Core Services, which may be accessed through a license of $160 per user, per year. The institution may access INTCAS' other professional services on a pay-as-you-use basis. INTCAS charges the institution a successful enrollment fee of $300 per student.

Because INTCAS is cloud-based, there's no need to invest tens of thousands of dollars (or much more) in complex on-site configurations or complicated software. With appropriate permissions, authorized users may access the INTCAS ecosystem from any device, at any time through our sophisticated and secure cloud-based platform. (It's like using Amazon or Google.)


2. INTCAS "confines" many quantitative ROI metrics -- and related risks.

INTCAS' comprehensive solution helps to mitigate more than 160 risks related to financial, legal, immigration, marketing, operational and academic issues. Our Escrow Cloud, for example, plugs into the global banking infrastructure, coordinated with leading financial institutions around the world. The objective is to secure 100% of the first year Tuition Fees and Living Expenses for applicants in mid- to high-risk jurisdictions -- minimizing risk for both the education institutions and the students' families (in case the institution stumbles financially). Escrow accounts also streamline the visa decision-making process. 


3. INTCAS maximizes efficiency of operations.

Institutions that use INTCAS realize a greater degree of transparency, because our platform considers the student's entire journey through initial exploration to career placement. Over time, institutions may view "snap survey results" associated with your own key stakeholders. For instance: How has a particular counselor been performing over the past six months? Which areas of the student lifecycle do parents most value your institution's guidance? 

That kind of transparency helps to identify strengths and weaknesses within your operations -- ultimately facilitating prompt responses and informed decisions -- to maximize your Return on Investment in international student recruitment.



Contact Cheryl DarrupBoychuck to schedule a demo of how the INTCAS model facilitates a very reasonable cost-per-student acquisition. Learn more at